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If you're looking for a Pediatric Sleep Consultant to help you understand effective strategies of sleep for your baby, The Graceful Sleeper LLC can help you navigate through that process. Our owner, Serena, has been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years and has worked in Labor and Delivery for the last 10. She is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a Mama of 4 beautiful children. Serena is committed to helping you build the best possible routine for your family so you can ALL get the rest you need and deserve! As a mom herself, she understands that sleep plays a big part in being healthy and the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Learn more about sleep progression and the importance of building baby sleep habits by contacting us today.

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Why should you hire The Graceful Sleeper?

As a mother of four, our sleep consultant has firsthand experience dealing with sleepless nights. So you can count on us to help you develop healthy baby sleep habits that will make sure your children get all the rest they need. Our services are open to any mother who needs to balance multiple children in different age ranges.

Call us at 603-723-6514 to get a free 15-minute initial consultation. Please note that we always recommend asking your pediatrician any medical questions you may have.

We'll go over a variety of sleep related topics with you during our sessions, including:

4-Month Sleep Regression

When babies begin waking up in the middle of the night and take multiple naps throughout the day

Sleepy Cues

Ways to tell if your child needs a nap

Awake Windows

Periods of time that your baby can stay awake before needing a nap, or before going to bed at night

Baby Nighttime Routines

A 30-minute-long routine designed to let your baby know it's time to sleep

Whether you need help working through a 4-month sleep regression or you just want to build a functional nighttime routine, we're here to help. Reach out today.