Awake Windows

Make Sure Your Children Are Getting Enough Sleep

Make Sure Your Children Are Getting Enough Sleep

Go over sleepy cues and how to recognize them in Randolph, NH

Awake windows for children vary by age. Fortunately, The Graceful Sleeper LLC in Randolph, NH is here to help you recognize sleepy cues and improve your children's sleeping habits. Our sleep consultant will help you build a healthy sleep schedule for your baby so they will get all the rest they need.

Recognize healthy awake windows. Contact a professional sleep consultant today.

Take advantage of our comprehensive one-hour session

During our session, we'll help you:

Recognize sleepy cues, which are ways your baby lets you know they need more sleep
Develop sleep logs to monitor your child's awake windows
Determine how long your child can stay awake before needing a nap or going to sleep at night

Learn more about sleepy cues and awake windows by calling us at 603-723-6514 now.